A creative explosion arose from the lava for Casa Più, a company leader in the artistic workmanship of volcanic rocks. Mixtures of pigments cover the magmatic thickness and break the age-old equilibrium to give form to substance. The lava becomes prismatic, the colours acquire body.


This is how the Casa Più collections have been created over the years.

First there was Opus, then Metallava, and then Mosaico and Preziosi.

Currently, the new project is called Flumen, the "technical" project par excellence in the working of the lava.


The new line is urban . Minimal and versatile .


All of the collections are timeless and placeless, in which inspiration count as much as technological competence. Rock and colors entwine in an infinite game of contrasts for a production in which only essential unadulterated elements are utilized. A craftsman like process in which the hand decorated fragments render each piece one of a kind.

Versatile works of art for both private 'admirers' as well as architects and designers that find their place in residential homes as well as in show-rooms, public and retail spaces and in urban furnishings and hotels, without omitting compliments.


"Attention to detail is the essence of our work. We are present worldwide with our projects: from Europe to the Middle East, from Eastern countries to the United States... The widespread success that the market attributes to us, year after year, fills us with pride, but this is not enough", say Elena and Lorenzo Paci, both born into the profession and respectively artistic and production director of the company, which they have carried it into its second generation.


It was founded in 1973 from the creative and entrepreneurial intuition of Ivo and Rita Paci, for vocation Casa Più is ahead of the times and, through studies and experiments, perfect the ad hoc workmanship processes that represent the vanguard of the sector. With strength from the experience acquired and animated with new energy, Casa Più has research as its future. A future that is today.

Not only experiments on material, but a path towards an always greater physical and emotional way to “living the lava”.